Naylor Hall

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Sunny Bailey – Owner

Sunny-14Every girl has a dream. Some dream of a prince charming, while others dream of being C.E.O.  Twenty-five years ago, I discovered my dream.  It was the day I walked through the beautiful oversized doors of Naylor Hall as a caterer, and I knew I had entered a special place.

I immediately fell in love with this beautiful home, feeling a sense of nostalgia
and hearing the whispers of soulfulness that only 170 years of life can impart.
I was under Naylor Hall’s spell.  Alas, it was love at first sight.

I immediately pleaded with the previous owner to call Naylor Hall my place of work, and luckily he could feel my connection and commitment to the house, and so I was hired.  Over the years I have done it all here: bartending, catering, decorating, moving chairs, hauling tables, and yes I can rival any plumber when in a pinch. But no amount of work I have put in at Naylor Hall rivals the sheer joy I feel sharing your dream.

Having seen more tears of joy than you can imagine, I still find myself shedding a few of my own {when no one is looking of course}. I love seeing the sheer joy in a bride’s face, as she first puts her gown on for the big day, and catches her reflection in the mirror.  I love spending those precious moments, with both her and her sweet Daddy, right before she walks down the aisle. I love seeing a groom’s eyes light up, as the love of his life, walks towards him.  I love watching women shower that very same woman, who walked down that very aisle just a few years before, with pink and blue {or both!} as she celebrates the impending arrival of a little one as a result of the love they declared under this very same roof.  I love all of these unspoken heartfelt moments I am beyond blessed to share.  It doesn’t get better than this!

Or so I thought…  In April of 2009, when banks were failing and real estate was crashing, in the middle of the recession, my sweet husband Dave and I had the opportunity to buy this house. It seemed absolutely unrealistic to think that we might be able to pull it off and make Naylor Hall our charge.  But we believed it was our destiny, and who else would take better care of this grand old lady than us?

I truly believe that when you have a dream that is meant to happen, the details will work themselves out.
The stars lined up perfectly, and we were able to make my dream come true.
Naylor Hall, my first love, was finally ours!

The house needed some attention, and we were just the ones to give it some TLC. We immediately and lovingly began the changes with a woman’s touch, and the dark green colors gave way to fresh neutral tones on the walls. Hunter green carpet came up to reveal incredible 100 year old original hardwood floors, now meticulously restored to a brilliant shine. Brass light fixtures were replaced with dazzling crystal chandeliers, and antique furniture was updated with lush, chic, beautiful new fabrics.

This house has both a magical and historical feel to it, and the end result of all of the updates to our little bit of nostalgia on Canton Street, were so much more than we could have ever envisioned. We have reinvented Naylor Hall, and feel truly blessed, honored, and humbled to share her classical, traditional {and now modern!} splendor with everyone that walks through her doors, just as I did over twenty-five years ago.

Will you fall in love as well?
Now, that’s for your heart to decide…
{But I have a strong feeling you will!}

Naylor Hall

Naylor Hall